3 Tips to Help You Work Safely on the Roof

Walking on the roof is a dangerous job. According to a 2014 study, there were 647 falls when walking and working on the roof. Here is some information for your reference on how to walk, work on the roof more safely.

  1. Wear a pair of specialized working shoes, suitable for walking, working on the roof

Falling is the greatest danger when working on the roof. So you need the best work boots for roofers to avoid falling.

Should choose a pair of hard sole shoes, good thickness, made of synthetic material or rubber. Shoes have a thorny design to create more traction.

Shoes with a cut or deep sole should not be chosen because they are difficult to stand, it is very dangerous to work on a wet, slippery roof.

You should choose leather shoes because they can protect your feet from dangerous obstacles. Moreover, leather shoes help heat well, avoid being affected by asphalt.

In addition, shoes must be resistant to shock and do not conduct electricity because working on the roof is at risk of lightning if wearing normal shoes could be injured.

Working on the roof is hard work, you have to wear shoes for many hours, so comfort is essential. Choose a pair of padded shoes to feel comfortable working for many hours.

  1. Safe way to the roof

Aluminum ladders are lightweight and fairly common, but fiberglass ladders are safer, helping to protect you from electric shocks when accidentally touching power lines.

Place the ladder on a level, stable ground, fixing the feet to prevent it from slipping. Step up the stairs slowly, carefully, avoiding holding anything while climbing the ladder.

  1. Weather

You should not work on the roof when it is raining, snowing and strong winds because the roof is often slippery, difficult to stand. Please choose a time with good weather, favorable to do.

Hopefully some of the information I shared above will be useful to you on walking and working on the roof.

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