What Type of Gears Will You Need When Practicing Martial Arts?

You know what,

I really love self-defense martial arts. Learning self-defense martial arts helps you stay healthy, safe and loves life even more. In addition, with martial arts self-defense, you can help people in times of danger.

There are many ways to learn martial arts in self-defense, including:

Learn self-defense martial arts at a club if you have a lot of free time or study at home by buying training tools.

In self-defense martial arts, there are many different types: MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muaythai, Jiu-Jitsu…

For each different martial arts, there are different training tools, but for beginners to learn martial arts in general, the most necessary training tools are gloves, punching bags, headgear, mouth guards, ankle guards, shorts, shoes, bags.

Today, I share with you information about punching bags in general.

There are different types of punching bags: standing punch bags, hanging punch bags, dummy punch bags, speed punch bags, heavy punch bags …

Depending on the purpose of use, training space, the health of each person that chooses different punching bags.

Different types of punching bags have different shapes, different functions and are manufactured with different materials.

Each different manufacturing brand will produce different materials such as plastic, rubber, sand, water, foam …

You can see more information about these products below:

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For example:

+ BOB XL punching bags of Century Manufacturer.

– Plastic body, filled with urethane foam inside.

– The circular base is easy to transport, weighs 270 pounds of water or sand.

– Human-like design, with head, hair, face, neck, shoulders, chest, ribs, even stomach.

– Adjustable height from 5 to 6 feet.

– Pros: Like real people should be motivated to practice, adjust the height, easy to assemble, durable …

– Cons: Due to the design of the screw assembly, it will be loose after practice, we have to tighten the screw and take a long time to pour sand or water into the circular base because of the small hole, difficult to move. (weighs 270 pounds) ..

+ BOB punching bags of Century manufacturer.

– Version smaller than BOB XL.

– The design is quite similar to BOB XL.

– Adjustable 7 levels height (from 67 up to 78 inches).

– The 270-pound stand contains water and sand.

– BOB’s surface is made of durable plastisol and it is stuffed with high-density urethane foam.

– Pros: Easy to assemble, durable, adjustable in height (similar to the BOB XL punching bag)

– Cons: Similar to the BOB XL punching bag, the upper part is assembled with screws so it will be loose after practice so you must tighten the screws regularly; At the same time, the BOB punching bag can be rotated and slipped when you exercise with too much impact force.

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