Can I Use Steel Bowl In Air Fryer?

Your metallic kitchenware is great at delivering heat from the source to your food, but it might not be compatible with every appliance like an air fryer in the kitchen. So you might be asking yourself, “can I use a steel bowl in an air fryer?”, we’ll gladly answer this question for you in this short and helpful article!

Can I Use Steel Bowl In Air Fryer?

Contrary to popular beliefs based on its name, an air fryer doesn’t really fry your food. The appliance cooks your food by blowing a current hot air around the food, thus giving it a brownish and crispy exterior like fried food.

Since an air fryer does not use radio waves to heat your meal as a microwave oven does, you will not have to worry about the ferrous nature of your food container. However, please be mindful of the heat your fryer emits.

So the answer to the question “Can I use a steel bowl in an air fryer?” is YES. You can use a steel bowl in an air fryer, only if the bowl is also oven-safe. In fact, thanks to steel’s ability to transfer heat very quickly and effectively, your food may even be cooked faster than using other food containers. You only need to make sure that the bowl does not feature any paint or decorations that can melt. And simple one to use as Dash type for your reference

What Materials Can Go Into An Air Fryer

Aside from oven-safe kitchenware, you can use almost any other materials in an air fryer. As long as the bowl/plate can withstand the heat from the machine, it is a viable option for cooking!

Moreover, there is a note on the space occupied – which is a  tool to use in an air fryer’s cooking process. Because the air has to travel around and inside the air fryer for the machine to perform its function, you can not cook a large amount of food at once in a big bowl.

Last but not least, there is no limit on what bowl or plate you can use. You only have to make sure that the container does not melt before the food is cooked or restrict the hot air from flowing. Hence, please check with your pantry to see if there is any kitchenware that fits the criteria.


In conclusion, it is absolutely YES to the question “Can I use a steel bowl in an air fryer?” as long as your bowl is oven-safe. When you buy any kitchen appliances or cookware, you must carefully check if they’re suitable for your existing pantry or not( you can look more from these best air fryer here if need them. Do you find this article helpful for your reference? Please leave a comment if you have any further concerns related to the topic.