Clever Furniture For Nursery Space-saving

Organizing your little one’s nursery can be a fun project. One common problem is: what if you are tight on space but there’re many baby things needed? You need a crib for baby sleeping, a wardrobe to store baby essentials, a table for changing diapers… that’s a lot! To keep your baby products to a minimum and save space in the baby’s room, here, we’ve collected some clever furniture for your functional nursery.

1. The dresser/Changing station combo

For those who already have a basic crib, instead of getting a traditional changing table, you can choose a sturdy dresser as an alternative, and transform it into a place for changing diapers. For more safety, pick the one with a padded changing mat and secure it to the top.

You can also attach with some baskets or fabric bins to store diapers and other baby belongings. By doing so, everything will be within your arm’s reach.

If you intend to buy furniture for a new nursery, a crib with changing table is a wiser choice. Depend on your preference, you can choose a changing table with drawers, open shelves, or both. For more storage space, cribs can come with dressers underneath. Those cribs with storage will surely bring you more use out of your purchase in the long run.

2. Fold-down changing table

A fold-out changing table is exactly what you need for a space-saving solution. It can fold out of the wall to give a sturdy surface for baby changing, and be easily tucked away when you’re done. This clever table can be attached to the area that is unusable, such as the wall behind the door. Such a creation, right?

The good news is this creative table is available on the market, and you can buy it hassle-free. If you’re a person of DIY, this fold-out table is just easy to do with some simple instructions.

You can imitate this idea and build your own table for workstations in the future.

3. Folding changing table

If you don’t want to dig a hole in the wall to make a fold-out table, take the choice of a folding changing one. This type of table offers the same benefits without the installation process, hence it is most suitable for parents who are renting the home.

When not in use, you can fold flat this changing station and put it behind the door or in the closet. On top of that, it is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for limited space rooms.

Above are 3 easy and simple ways to save space for your nursery. We know that there are lots of clever things and amazing creations out there. We’d love and appreciate it if you share your ideas for organizing your nursery.