How To Apply Wood Sealer For Furniture?

In order to prevent wooden items in your house from bleeding, forming a scabrous surface, using wood sealers is an ultimate solution.

But do you know how to apply a wood sealer?

Let’s read and follow my tips below. These instructions can help you become a master in applying quality wood sealer in no time.

How To Apply Wood Sealer?

Wood sealer is a savior that helps lengthen wooden furniture’s lifespan, but if you do not know how to use it, you can cause a disaster and ruin these expensive items in no time.

Therefore, you should absolutely try to follow the application steps below.

Step 1: Carefully Polish The Wood Surface

To create a smooth sealer layer on every wooden piece of furniture, you need to spend time polishing the whole wood surface thoroughly.

Use sandpaper to polish and open the pores of the wood. However, do not rub the surface for too long to avoid dents and deformation.

In case your wooden items have been painted with sealer once before, you need to sand it more carefully in order to remove the old paint layer, preventing the new paint from making the wood blister.

Step 2: Remove Dust From the Wooden Surface

To retain the sealer layer for a beautiful and smooth coat, you must remove all sawdust from the wooden surfaces.

It would be better if you can use a damp cloth or specialized fluid to wash the surfaces.

Make the cleaning process quicker and more effective by using a wet cloth to wipe the entire surface, then use a dry rag to clean off dirt completely. Thanks to this step, the sealer layer will stick firmly to the wood.

Step 3: Choose The Right Sealer

Most types of wood can be used with shellac. However, some wooden furniture can’t stand shellac, so you have to use commercial sanding sealers instead.

The advantage of these sealers is that they not only dry quickly but also are applicable to varnishes, shellacs, or lacquers.

Step 4: Seal Your Wood

To achieve the expected results of a wood sealer, you should cover all your furniture with a small roller. With corners where the roller can’t reach such as crevices, carved areas, just use a small brush to touch every cranny.

Let the wood sealer dry according to the time specified by the manufacturer (about 2 hours if you use white shellac, and 1 hour for industrial sealers).

Then, use sandpaper to rub the shaded or clotted areas caused by the sealing process. Finally, shine all wooden goods with a soft cloth.

Depending on conditions or wood products, you can adjust the number of primers according to your demand.

Usually, after the primer layer, there will be a glossy or matte coat depending on your preference to complete the external look.

For products with Polyurethane varnishes, you need to be very careful when using wood sealer. Some types of polyurethane can be applied with a specific sealer, but there are many polyurethanes that don’t need any sealer at all.

Also, the gloss and beauty of all furniture after covered with wood sealer also depends heavily on the quality of the paint you choose.

Therefore, you’d better use high-quality and famous brands of sealers to get the best results.

Some tips before and after the sealing process:

  1. Always wear protective gloves during the sealing process to avoid paint dirtying your hands.
  2. You should carry out the sealing process in a well-ventilated area to avoid paint odor coming into the house.
  3. Seal the wooden ones in warm and dry weather, avoid doing this on rainy, wet days.

The Bottom Lines

All important notes above are my answers to the question “how to apply wood sealer?”

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can confidently seal your wooden home furniture without having to spend money hiring outsource painters.

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