How to Clean Walls in Preparation for Painting

wall painting

Painting is a job that needs prior efforts to make the object neat and clean. If you are going for painting on walls, then you will have to clean these well. There are some steps you will have to follow in order to clean the walls. Read on…

It is always said that you should take some initiatives before any sort of painting work. These initiatives may include.

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Fixing Time for the Work

Painting is a type of work that should not be done in a rush as your hurry for the painting job may spoil all your efforts.

So it is recommended that you select a perfect day for the cleaning of your walls. A perfect day may be a day when you are totally free.

One thing you should consider that is typical painting for walls takes more than one day as there is the drying of primer as well as painting necessary for the task.

You should not ignore the drying part, so it is better to give consecutive two to three days for the painting including cleaning the job.

Select the Places

If the walls are related to your interior, then you will have to remove the furniture and other necessary things from the room. You should have the plan where you will take the things of your room prior to starting the cleaning process.

Buy All the Things

Buying all the necessary items beforehand is an intelligent work. Make a list of all the necessary items that you will need not only for the cleaning process but also for the whole painting job.

After making the list, take it to a suitable hardware shop where you can expect to get everything you need for the painting process.

Prepping the wall will be involved with the following things –

Remove Furniture and Other Things

Before starting the cleaning process, you should remove all the furniture and other things from the room in order to avoid paint or dust splatter on these. If you do not remove, you must cover all of the furniture and other things.

Spread Cloth on the Floor

During the cleaning process, you will have to spread clothes on the floor in order to keep the dust together for easy disposal.

Scrap the Wall

Use a scraper and scrap well on the wall for removing all the previous paint peeling. You have to do it carefully because decent painting depends on good scraping.

Use Putty

After scraping the wall well, you will see that a lot of holes or uneven surface on it. These holes must be filled up with putty. You will have to use a putty knife in order to fill up the holes. After filling the holes with putty, give a finish with a putty knife.

Use Sealer

Sealer is used basically on new walls, but if you want good paint you can use it on any age of wall. Use a sealer with a paintbrush or roller. Sealer gives a perfect finish to the wall.

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