How to Play Ping Pong for Beginners

Are you interested in table tennis? You want to play table tennis and want to understand how to play quickly. With us, you will know how to play and some of the rules of the game quickly.

As a beginner to this sport, what you need is to find some of the most basic tutorials and helpful tips to get you out as quickly as possible. The following tutorials will help you get into a quicker approach to table tennis.

What equipment do you need for table tennis?

Not just table tennis, but for all sports, you first need the basic equipment to be able to get started with that sport. With table tennis, we find it an interesting sport and the initial investment in equipment is cheapest. Only 3 basic equipment is needed to start playing with this sport, the equipment is as follows:

Table tennis rackets

To start playing with ping-pong sport you need a ping-pong racket to hit the ball (some places call it a ping-pong bat, the callings depend on where you live).

To choose a good table tennis racket or refer to the best table tennis racquets in 2021 to be able to choose the right one for you.

You can refer to the Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket review

Ping pong balls

To play table tennis you need a ball to play.

A small ball with a standard size of 40mm made of plastic. And usually standard colors like orange or white or more.

Table tennis quality standards are rated from 3-1 stars. For the type of competition, you need the standard 3-star type. And for your purposes only for entertainment, you can refer to the 1-star ball. You can read the best ping pong balls for home use.

Table tennis table

Want to play the sport table tennis is indispensable is a ping-pong table, table tennis table is the most expensive of all the equipment needed to be able to play this sport. If you want to learn the best and best-selling table tennis available today, you can refer to our popular current table tennis table. However, you can also share tables with your friends or in public places where ping-pong tables or clubs are available.

Other accessories and equipment you can optionally cater to the table tennis sport.

These accessories are not required when you are just starting out with the sport, but for the most comfortable and comfortable playing we recommend you to purchase, here are some basic accessories.

Clothing is suitable for players, it will create a sense of comfort when I play

A specialized shoe for the sport of table tennis.

Rackets and ball cases: Convenient for carrying, tidy carry.

Table tennis robot: It will serve me to practice playing in the first time better.

Are you ready? Let’s go

The basic concepts

– When you are with your friends playing together it is called: Match

– When 2 players play together to win then you have to reach 11 points, it is called the winner.

– A person to serve first is usually given 2 consecutive balls, then the other will serve 2 times or depending on your rules.

– If 2 players have equal points 10-10, to win, the player must win 2 more points to win.

– After each match, in order to continue playing, 2 players must switch sides, but the first serve position is always the same position.

– 1 stroke is considered valid when you hit the ball from your position to the other side it must hit the table tennis net and touch the opponent’s table. If the ball does not touch the opponent’s table, the score for that game belongs to the opponent.

Here to start playing you must know how to handle the basic table tennis bat

There are several main ways to hold a stick: holding a handshake or a pen

Each way has its own pros and cons, but we recommend that for beginners you should hold the hand-shake style to have the correct grip, you refer to the detailed article here.

The steps to serve table tennis

Service kicks start with a ball in the palm of your hand: This is to prevent the player from spinning the ball when bouncing.

The ball is tossed into the air at least 6 inches: This is to avoid cheating or hiding the ball so that the opponent cannot see the ball anywhere.

Must hit the ball behind the bottom line of the table tennis: In order not to let players get too close to the ping pong net when serving.

After teeing off, the ball must bounce from the table on your side and then bounce over the net to the opponent’s table: note that you cannot hit the ball once over the net.

Find a table tennis club

Finding a ping-pong club is essential for beginners, as there you will be very detailed instructions and be able to play with different players.

And at the club, you will have more time to play because there will be a lot of tables to play and you do not have to wait for the matches to end to get your turn.

In clubs, there will sometimes be small tournaments that I can join to improve my skills.

Now is the time to get started.

You already know the rules and some basic things to be able to start playing. Because you have to play

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