Top 10 Ideas to Decorate a Nursery On a Budget

Are you going to greet your newborn or upgrade your kid’s space to the next level, this article is definitely for you. With 5 years to work on parents and baby suggestions, our team at would love to share the best tips on this matter.

1 – Paint the wall a lighter color to make your baby’s space feel larger

Well, to be simple, let’s check the Before and After photo below.

You can not imagine how much larger the color can bring to the room, right?

2 – Use functional and streamlined items of furniture

It is better to use simple, modern, and functional furniture. So your baby can use them for several years or several purposes without changing so much.

We love this chair as an example, Rocker and Bassinet, attached to allow hands-free rocking. You can also use it as a chair and the other side to store clothes or toys.

3 – Use wall space

This tip can be beneficial if you have a small space. Wall can be used to hang some cute pictures to enhance effects or hanging shelves to use space more productive.

4 – Use baby crib storage

It helps decor your nursery room in an excellent way. Besides, using crib storage to maximum storage.

5 – Use baby swings for small space

A Baby swing and baby crib – these two things should go well together. The baby swings should not be too big to catch-all space in the place if you already have a comfortable crib for your baby. Further, it always a smart choice for every parent. You may want to check Top 10 best baby swings for small space here.

6 – Try minimalism design

Believe us, minimalism design is the smart design nowadays (In case you have not succeeded in trying decor your nursery room by yourself ) Just kidding! 😉

Minimalism helps you not breaking the bank, keep essential things, and actually, it helps a small space look more spacious.

7 – DIY furniture

It is not hard to make tables, chairs, or closets for nursery. You need to prepare or re-use some wood or your old furniture and paint new colors.

8 – Add wall decor

Well, well, well, the wall is always the part you can apply your creativity. Use wall art make by yourself or simple frame some of the elegant illustrator picture for kid or frame some artworks from your other kids.

9 – DIY Flowers or animal decor

You can make flowers from paper or cloth to have a nursery room in a budget but also unique. Some cute and straightforward animals can make from fabric also in a can-do list.

10 – Toys

Last tips but immortal. Please keep your baby surround with its favorite toys. The material can be wood, cloth, or plastic, but make sure they are all good for baby health and not too expensive.

We hope the top 10 tips to decor your nursery room is useful to you. Please keep in mind, start with a checklist of essential or must-have things. Your baby is growing day by day, and it has enough time to try and improve your skill in decorating, so please relax and try to be creative.

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