What Makes The Best Basketball Socks?

finding good nba socks

All basketball players are on the same page about this statement – Socks really matters! A quality pair of basketball socks does not only give you comfort. It also protects the foot and provides enough traction while jumping or cutting. But what makes the best basketball socks? The answer breaks down into five criteria. Care to know what they are? Scroll down!

What Makes The Best Basketball Socks

Durable And Breathable Materials

The top priority for the best basketball socks must be the materials. Most socks for practice and performance are made of various mix of fabrics. Specifically, there should be nylon and polyester to dry the sweat quickly, cotton to give a comfy feeling, and spandex to add flexibility/ stretch to the socks.

Basketball playing is synonymous with constantly moving and jumping. So, The socks designed for this sport should also allow air to get in to ensure the breathability, thus giving you a sense of comfort before, during, and after the performance.

Perfect Thickness

Your basketball socks should be thicker than your daily casual socks. Socks with perfect thickness improve the fit of the shoes, giving you the confidence in navigating around during the game, especially when there is a sudden move.

Thick socks make sure your feet won’t slide too much inside the shoes, giving extra support to your tendons and muscles. Most basketball socks come in 5 different models that are slightly different in the thickness: Ankle Stability Socks, Achilles Tendon Support Socks, Soft Foot Padding Socks, Extra Toe Protection Socks, and Extra Arch Support Socks.

Arch And Cushioning Support

Such high-end socks as the Nike Elite Basketball Socks (consult Nike Elite Basketball Review for more details) offer more cushioning around the heel and in the forefoot. Cushioning assists the socks to be evenly distributed and absorbed throughout the foot.

Some pro performance socks have the compression bands in the midfoot forming like an arch. The arch support is especially useful if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. It is a great help to avoid blisters and injuries during the performance.

Arch and cushion support gives a tighter fit and strengthens the foot. This thus provides double protection to your movements.

Fitting Size

There are three typical sizes of basketball socks – crew cut, mid cur, and low cut. The most popular and favored these days is the crew cut, these socks reach all the way to the middle of the shins. The crew-cut and mid-cut are long enough to cover the ankle, so the socks will always be in the right place.

If you don’t want the socks to be visible when wearing the shoes, the low cut ones would do for you. But if you wear ankle braces, crew cut should be the go-to socks as the low cut cannot protect your foot from friction.

Positive Reviews

It’s advisable to have some research about basketball socks before finalizing your selection. Such reputable websites as Best Of Sport 247 will pack you with a lot of insights to facilitate your buying decision.

It’s worth your time reading what people are talking about on-trend products. Knowing both their upsides and downsides is the key to making a wise choice. And after the research, it’s also easier to find out an option that fits the bill.

The Closing Line

Socks are an essential gear that you should never overlook when it comes to playing basketball. You probably don’t want any bunion, blister, toenail injury, or even infection. So always go for the best basketball socks, they will be a  big help in letting you make the most out of your experience and performance.